School supplies for children of Artsakh
Status: Completed
The recent war in Artsakh led to a true humanitarian crisis, resulting in tens of thousands displaced families, who lost everything they had. Among those refugees, nearly 40,000 are children. After the ceasefire agreement, many of them decided to return to Artsakh and try to start over once again.
School kit
Empty schools, targeted by heavy artillery during the 44-day war, finally welcomed their students. And despites countless challenges and obstacles of a post-war country, parents did their best to secure education opportunities for their children.

The Aznavour Foundation in partnership with the Armenian Cultural House of City of Décines and the support of the local municipality decided to implement a project for the children of Artsakh aimed at providing them with school supplies and other necessities.
The project has enabled 1,000 children from the border regions of Artsakh to have the means to exercise their right to education. With this initiative, we want to express our solidarity with these children and help them overcome any feelings of isolation or loneliness they may have.

The kit for each student included a school bag, notebooks, pens and other school supplies that will cover the children's needs for one school year (2021-2022).
As a result, 1,000 students living in Martouni region of Artsakh received school bags filled with much-needed supplies. The quantity mentioned above allowed us to cover 4 schools in the Chartar community and seven border schools (Martouni region). The distribution was carried out thanks to the cooperation with the Department of Education of the Martouni region.
The project was implemented by the Aznavour Foundation and the House of Armenian Culture in Décines with the participation of the town hall of Décines-Charpieu.

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