to Charles Aznavour
Status: In Progress
The Aznavour Foundation has initiated a new project - the erection of a series of monuments to Charles Aznavour in different cities around the world. This project is designed and implemented in collaboration with local governments, different organizations, representatives of the Armenian Diaspora and with the support of private donors wishing to pay tribute to the legendary artist in this way.
Commemorative plate
in Paris, France
Inauguration of the bust
in Paris, France
Inauguration of the statue
in Varna, Bulgaria
On May 30, 2022, the official unveiling of the statue of Charles Aznavour took place in Varna, Bulgaria. The project became possible thanks to the cooperation between the Aznavour Foundation and the Armenian General Benevolent Union "Parekordzagan - Varna".

In May 2019, in commemoration of Charles Aznavour's 95th birthday, the Aznavour Foundation and the Municipality of Paris organized an event dedicated to the installation of a commemorative plate on the building where the Aznavourians had settled upon their arrival in Paris .
On May 22, 2021, the mayor of the City of Paris Anne Hidalgo inaugurated a bust of Charles Aznavour in the singer's childhood district. This project was a result of cooperation between the Aznavour Foundation and the City of Paris.

Made from a plaster cast in 1964 by the sculptor Alice Mélikian on the occasion of the artist's first visit to Armenia, the bust was donated by the Aznavour Foundation to the City in October 2019, a year after the death of the artist.

It was inaugurated on the occation the singer's birthday, in the presence of members of his family, and installed at Carrefour de l'Odéon, near rue Monsieur le Prince, where the Aznavourians lived after escaping the Armenian Genocide.

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