Modernization of the College of Culture & Arts after Charles Aznavour
Status: In Progress
In 2021, with the consent of the Aznavour family, the Yerevan State College of Culture and Arts was named after Charles Aznavour.
College of Culture and Arts named after Charles Aznavour
The memorandum aims at expanding the opportunities for young people that receive secondary vocational education in the field of culture and promoting their further professional careers.

The aim of the partnership is to support the implementation of strategic development programs in Yerevan State College of Culture and Arts, striving to make it one of the leading educational institutions in the field.

Simultaneously, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the Aznavour Foundation on supporting the development of the College and its activities.
Modernization Program
initiated by the Aznavour Foundation
Being faithful to its mission, and according to the signed agreement, the Aznavour Foundation developed and started to implement the modernization program of the College.
Within the framework of the project the Aznavour Foundation has already provided the College with the following equipment։
  1. Musical instruments
  2. Sewing machines
  3. Computers
  4. Furniture
All these amenities will be used both by students and staff allowing them to conduct proper educational and learning processes. This was made possible thanks to the support of several partners of the Foundation including famous artist and Foundation’s friend Nana Mouskouri.
Striving for Excellence
In order to help the College achieve academic excellence, together with the "Bilingual Dramatic Art Workshop" program, the Aznavour Foundation organizes master classes for College students with the famous French personalities.
Within the year 2022, the following prominent artists and professionals held master-classes for college students:
Master classes continue in 2023, to date the following artists have visited the college
These master-classes help the students to better understand their profession, the artists share stage secrets and discussed many pressing topics.​​​​​
Anne Consingny
French actress
Ariane Ascaride
Arman Saribekyan
French actress
French-Armenian artist
Nune Gharibyan
French-Armenian artist
Antoine Agoudjian
French-Armenian photographer
Sandrine Fourlon
French actress and director
Throughout his life and career Charles Aznavour has always worked with young promising artists. He dedicated much time and effort to discovering talents and helping them achieve success and recognition. Empowering young artists, helping them grow and evolve is one of the cornerstones of the Foundation's mission.
Corinne Jaber
Syrian/German actress, writer and director
Isabelle Guiard
French actress, singer and composer
Levon Minasyan
Franco-Armenian writer, playwright, actor, director
Eric Leconte
French actor, theater critic
Tamara Stepanyan
Franco-Armenian film director
Thierry Thieu Niang
Serge Avedikian
French-Armenian actor, producer, and film director
French dancer, choreographer
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