Charles Aznavour
Status: In Progress
The creation of the Aznavour Center is a major project on which Charles Aznavour worked during the last two years of his life, including the creation of hte concept, architectural choices, scenography, and audio guide he recorded personally.
The Aznavour Center will host an interactive and technological museum retracing the life and career of Charles Aznavour, as well as a cultural and educational platform on cinema, music and the French language. It will house the French Institute, following the agreement signed between the Foundation and the French government, to create a real "showcase of French culture in Armenia" (Emmanuel Macron).
The best specialists have been mobilized to make the Aznavour Center a unique, lively and interactive space.
The multimedia museum will inspire the public to dream big through the journey of Charles Aznavour, while the educational center and the French Institute will provide the tools to achieve this.

The museum will serve as a true source of inspiration by telling a timeless story that will propel you beyond what you could imagine.

In this museum part of the Aznavour Center, the public will be able to discover the life of the artist told by his own voice, thanks to the audio guide he recorded. The artist will take the visitor on a journey from his humble beginnings to conquering the world. Visitors will cross the sea with the parents of Charles Aznavour escaping the genocide, explore the interior of their first family apartment on rue Monsieur le Prince in Paris, record a song at the Barclay studio and attend a concert by Charles Aznavour in the legendary “Olympia”. Multimedia technologies, including computer animation complemented by virtual reality, will provide a vivid and interactive experience.

Cultural & educational
The Center will also offer a wide range of cultural and educational activities in the fields of music, cinema and French culture.
Music lessons offering hands-on experience in a recording studio. Artists will also have the opportunity to perform live on stage.

Movie theater
Experts will teach courses in film, theater and production. These classes will include film screenings, featuring some of the 90 films in which Charles Aznavour has starred.

French language and culture
The Aznavour Foundation has entered into a partnership with the French Government to establish a French Institute within the future center. In 2022, the French Institute was officially created. After the opening of the Aznavour Center, the IF will be housed there.
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