Business grants for displaced families from Artsakh
Status: In Progress
You can send all questions regarding the grant program to until 29.01.2024, 18:00 (Yerevan time).
Questions received after the deadline will not be considered.
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Special Terms:
The main precondition for receiving a grant is one's own contribution to the business project. The amount of one’s contribution should be equal to at least 20% of the total budget of the project․

The grant is awarded to legal entities. If the applicant doesn't possess legal entity status, in the event of becoming a program beneficiary, they must register as a Joint-Stock Company (J/D) or Limited Liability Company (LLC) in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Armenia before finalizing the grant agreement.
Only eligible expenses will be financed within the framework of the grant project:
  • Payments for existing loans and other financial obligations
  • Costs not related to project implementation
  • Expenses not included in the list of valid expenses
Eligible expenses
  • Purchase of tools and equipment
  • Renovation costs
  • Rental fees
  • Training and other courses
Non-eligible expenses
Throughout the grant implementation, the applicant is required to submit financial reports. Only expenses supported by relevant documents, such as contracts, cash register receipts, payment confirmations, etc., will be eligible for funding.

Saved funds and amounts from invalid expenses are subject to reimbursement.

Preference will be given to applicants with entrepreneurial experience.
As we approach the 100th anniversary of Charles Aznavour, the Aznavour Foundation has launched an economic support program, focusing on social inclusion, for families forcibly displaced from Artsakh. This initiative involves the allocation of 25 business grants aimed at fostering stable income and economic growth for these families. The program is open to both novice and seasoned entrepreneurs.
In line with the humanitarian vision of its founder, the Aznavour Foundation seeks, through the implementation of this project, to generate fresh opportunities for positive transformations and contribute to sustainable development in the region.
Application conditions
2,100,000 AMD
Maximum budget available:
Eligible applicants:
Persons displaced from the Republic of Artsakh after September 19, 2023, who have registered and established permanent residence in the Republic of Armenia
Maximum period of project implementation:
6 months
Documents required :
Application deadline։
Evaluation procedure:
18:00 (Yerevan time)
The received applications will be evaluated in two stages, by a committee specially created for that purpose.

Applicants who successfully pass the first round will be invited for an interview.

Applicants who did not pass the first round will be notified by e-mail.
  • Copy of passport and social card or national identification card
  • Copies of family members' passports, children's birth certificates
  • Evidence of financial indicators (bank account statement of the applicant and/or other family members for the last 3 months)
  • In case of financial obligations, copies of credit agreements and other related documents
Grant packages (including the completed application form and additional documents) must be sent to
by 31.01.2024, 18:00 (Yerevan time).

Packages received after the deadline will not be considered.

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